Aug 22, 2017

Look Why Three

This set is a harmonious act of both Laura's photography and my styling, with the help of our beautiful muses. Look Why Three is a palette for the upcoming fall season. We hope to inspire you to take fashion risks, while still remaining true to your developed style. Thank you Twin Magazine for featuring photos of this set in your most recent book. To view the set in high quality, visit MoreMulher, where you can also view more of Laura and her photo partner's work.

All photos by Laura Ciriaco on film. All styling and sketching by Shelly Isabel.

P.S. Don't ever forget to nourish yourself. And with equal love, Mother Earth. 
Talisha- Gracefully tends to nourishing from the tip of the root to the edge of every petal.

Code: 42-7336-69-674

Structured and voluminous, the Canvas Dress combines tailored elegance and playful functionality as a staple piece for the fall season. Featuring placket pockets, hemmed drawstrings, and the classic Y-3 stripes to finish off it's dropped pleated back. Paired with an equally voluminous top to call attention to the exaggerated details and tied together with the futuristic touch of the Dior pump.
Jay Avocado- Bestowed with the responsibility of guarding Mother Earth from any penetrating tribulation.

Code: 367-378-4827-3426

The Insulator Pants are the perfect hip fit trousers that allow movement with their wide ballon-hem finish. Made of high quality wool and lined with silk, they are ready to be claimed as a seasonal favorite. Paired with a Friday by Friday chain harness and button up, a fresh spin on a classic look. Accessorized with a Y-3 bucket hat to keep eyes shaded, and Jeffrey Campbell platforms.
Shelly- Sworn to protect Mother Earth with spunk and a kick ass jawline when action is demanded.

Code: 353-927-7467

The convertable Vinyl Parka provides the duality of a removable hooded overlay as well as a collared zip up with an edge. Kimono sleeve zip up feature adds to the multifaceted design. Paired with a layered bustier to add dimension, trousers to ease the eye, and mixed Alexander Wang pumps for a gritty finish.
Please note, these pieces are no longer available in store.
Jun 22, 2017

Summer Time Swim

Daddy's Hotel Poolside by Shelly Isabel

I've been working with Polyvore for a little over 3 years now. It took me a while to get acquainted with photoshop collaging/moodboarding, so in the moment it was easy to stick to Polyvore's layout and slowly but surely start to master the art with practice. Here's a few sets I put together to get in the mood for summer time swimwear.

You can view more sets on my Polyvore account.

Botanical Garden w/ Bae by Shelly Isabel
Sunny Side Up by Shelly Isabel

Jun 8, 2017

Vogue with Me

A mock up of the powerful high fashion women serving in 90's Vogue editorials; here's a set we dedicate to the magazine fusing a 1920's fashion influence with a subtle dash of post-punk beauty.

Wearing vintage Victoria Secret gown, Brooks Brothers tie, Yazbukey earrings, vintage ascot cap, vintage Carlo Felini bag, and Y-3 clogs-- a styling collab between LC and myself. 

All photos taken on a mix of 120mm and 35mm film by Laura Ciriaco.