Dec 28, 2013

Black Dreams

Black Dreams

I would just like to take a second and appreciate all the awesome and endless possibilities there are in fashion... Amen. Now I want to get down to the funk that is all black. Black is elegance. Black is sexy. Black is beautiful. Black is mysterious. But best of all, Black says, "fuck you." So I would like to present three outfits I wish I could afford in all black. I hope you enjoy yourselves and don't fall as deeply in love as I have. Now all of my paychecks are doomed to pay for these items that will belong to my closet at some point in my life. 

Dec 25, 2013

Army Green

Merry Christmas everyone! I couldn't post a christmas outfit post, but I'll do a New Years one. It's getting a bit hectic right now for my blog. It's honestly the only thing I want to be doing, but can't because life is in the way. I'm pushing though to stay on top of it. I would like to announce that my birthday was fabulous. I sent the day with people I love (after work), and had a great time with them. I also got decked in the face with a cupcake by my not-so-little brother. I wish someone could've vined it. It would've been an instant hit. 

All I've been wearing lately are pieces I found at thrift stores. I like to mix them up and wear them differently each time. My favorite piece right now is the pants I'm wearing. They were bellbottoms and they looked kind of weird, so I sewed them into skinny jeans and now I love them. Blue and green is my favorite color combo, so I naturally went with that. I hate wearing accessories during the winter because of all the layers I have to throw on. So that explains the lack of that in my photos. Fun fact: I was freezing while these photos were being taken. 

Wearing: Vintage top and bottoms, and Steve Madden pumps.

All photos taken by Jaeda Stoute.
Dec 18, 2013

Cookies and Creme

I'm back from my little break! I really missed blogging my heart out. I only have two finals left and then I'm free! And the day after my last final I turn the big nineteen. I always thought nineteen was such a useless age, but it will be my last year being a teen, and I have to embrace that. I've always feared getting older. I'm not a fan of skin getting saggier and enzymes and white blood cells growing weaker, haha. I know what you're thinking, "girl what the hell is wrong with you, you're not even legal to drink yet." That's very true. I guess I feel like every year I turn older I'm turning sixty five- which in this time and age isn't even considered old anymore. This year will be my first big girl birthday! I have to work a nine hour shift, which isn't surprising since I work in retail and my birthday lands on the one day everyone decides it's time to shop for Christmas gifts although they had a year to plan out what they could give. Curse you mother for not having me a month before! I've learned to deal with it though. All my brothers and sisters born anywhere from December 23 to Christmas can feel my pain. Anyway, enough about my completion of one more year of life.

I've dreaded this upcoming weather as soon as I started noticing I needed to start wearing a coat. You would think being a New York native would make you less prone to the cold weather. Last year I survived off of my lovely boyfriend's sweaters and oversized jackets. This year, I'm doing the same thing (partially). I'm an oversized sweater kinda girl, I stole his super warm and cozy sweater for this look and turned myself into a cookies and creme shake. I should just start blogging about all the clothes I steal from my boyfriend and how I wear it (like I don't already do it).

Wearing boyfriend's vintage sweater, H&M sweater with scarf attached (about two years old and still my favorite), American Apparel Disco Pants in Black, and Nike sneaker wedges. 

Since I get asked a lot about American Apparel sizing, I would recommend getting a size down in the disco pants. They're super stretchy and eventually the true to size fit will stretch out and stop fitting nicely. I used to own a small and I had to buy them again as an xsmall after a few months. Now the xsmall fits perfectly and my mom is sporting my small because she swears she got it like that.

All photos taken by Jaeda Stoute
Dec 9, 2013


It's that time of the year again. The most miserable week of every college student's life, finals week. Due to my lack of motivation throughout the semester, the burden of make up work is now upon me. Unfortunately, this will take a toll on my ability to take photos this week. I'm pushing hard to get at least one outfit posted up for the week as well as my DIY project. Hopefully I can get everything I'd like done. So to make up for my lack of photos, heres my favorite looks straight off the runway from the DKNY RTW SPRING 2014 Collection. 

DKNY honestly killed it this year. They did an edgy/ sporty spin on their typical office look. I'm obsessed with the structured pieces, layered looks, and the use of sneakers. I'd also love to point out the fact that Rita Ora was able to rip the runway in a badass outfit I'd be more than happy to wear. If you guys weren't already aware, I look towards her as one of my favorite fashion icons of today. I would love to have that monochrome pastel yellow look in my closet. So how do you guys feel about the collection? Any collections you personally loved for spring 2014? 

Photo source here.
Dec 6, 2013

STARVE by Jordan Matthews

I met Jordan Matthews a year ago during the summer at Camp ABC. We were both staff that year. I was a regular counselor and she was a fashion teacher. Long story short, we stayed in contact since we shared common interests, and decided to work together later on. This women is PHENOMENAL! She is unique, gorgeous, multi-talented, with a vision, and a long future of success ahead. Jordan hand paints all of her fabric and creates unique and distinguished pieces for her buyers. I can't wait for what we have planned for in the future. This is a glimpse of her line that's dropping in Spring/ Summer 2014. Check out her trailer below and for her merchandise, visit her site here.

Dec 5, 2013


I decided to try something new and take pictures during the night. It was date night for my boyfriend and I. We visited the pier and took a couple of photos. I have to admit, my boyfriend took some good shots. It was a lot about experimenting since neither of us knew exactly what settings to use. I'm just glad we got a couple of nice shots. He'll be taking a lot more photos from now on. The best part about having him photograph me is the bounding that comes out of it. 

A couple of my friends brought up the idea that I should do pin curls and go for a vintage look, so this is for them. Regardless of the suggestion, this has probably always been my favorite look to try to pull off. It feels like I'm playing house every time I do my make up and hair this way. 

Wearing Express Cardigan (similar here 1/ 2, obsessed with this one), Tobi dress (similar here), headband is extra fabric from home, H&M tights, vintage belt, and ALDO bag, shoes, and accessories. 

All photos taken by Julius Cesar

Dec 3, 2013

Shirt Dress

I know it's getting cold out, but I found I forgot to post these photos up. I tend to wear stuff like this during the winter anyway. As long as my upper body feels warm, I'm okay. I found a coat this year that I actually like (the one I'm wearing). I'm really picky with coats so I end up not buying any and stealing my mother's or my boyfriend's (last years scenario). So I'm pretty happy I found this one- it's really warm and toasty (insert happy face here). 

While I was looking through these photos I noticed I really wasn't a fan of the shoes, so if I got the chance, I would definitely do it over with some brown shoes. Most likely my awesome brown boots which I am extremely in love with. It takes a lot out of me to take them off at night. I wish I could just sleep in them and wake up fabulous. Good news, by the way! I decided to do my DIY on the clutch I'm holding. It's my favorite creation at the moment and it was super easy to make. Stay tuned for that. I'll probably have that up next week. 

What are your thoughts on the shirt dress? Not necessarily the one I'm wearing, but the trend. I personally love the structure of it. It's one of those pieces that are super easy to pull off and can be dressed up or down. If I was to have my hair done, nice pumps, and some badass accessories, this would be ready to go (I might just do a post like that). Plus, you can pair them up with pants! It's also a great look on any body type from what I've seen. Let me know your opinion on it by leaving a comment below. I'd love to hear what you guys think.

Wearing Express coat (only available in this color), vintage shirt dress (lusting over 1/ 2/ 3/ 4), unknown brand wedges, and DIY clutch.

All photos are taken by Jaeda Stoute.