Dec 25, 2013

Army Green

Merry Christmas everyone! I couldn't post a christmas outfit post, but I'll do a New Years one. It's getting a bit hectic right now for my blog. It's honestly the only thing I want to be doing, but can't because life is in the way. I'm pushing though to stay on top of it. I would like to announce that my birthday was fabulous. I sent the day with people I love (after work), and had a great time with them. I also got decked in the face with a cupcake by my not-so-little brother. I wish someone could've vined it. It would've been an instant hit. 

All I've been wearing lately are pieces I found at thrift stores. I like to mix them up and wear them differently each time. My favorite piece right now is the pants I'm wearing. They were bellbottoms and they looked kind of weird, so I sewed them into skinny jeans and now I love them. Blue and green is my favorite color combo, so I naturally went with that. I hate wearing accessories during the winter because of all the layers I have to throw on. So that explains the lack of that in my photos. Fun fact: I was freezing while these photos were being taken. 

Wearing: Vintage top and bottoms, and Steve Madden pumps.

All photos taken by Jaeda Stoute.
2 comments on "Army Green"
  1. Great look ! I love your styles :) ♥