Dec 18, 2013

Cookies and Creme

I'm back from my little break! I really missed blogging my heart out. I only have two finals left and then I'm free! And the day after my last final I turn the big nineteen. I always thought nineteen was such a useless age, but it will be my last year being a teen, and I have to embrace that. I've always feared getting older. I'm not a fan of skin getting saggier and enzymes and white blood cells growing weaker, haha. I know what you're thinking, "girl what the hell is wrong with you, you're not even legal to drink yet." That's very true. I guess I feel like every year I turn older I'm turning sixty five- which in this time and age isn't even considered old anymore. This year will be my first big girl birthday! I have to work a nine hour shift, which isn't surprising since I work in retail and my birthday lands on the one day everyone decides it's time to shop for Christmas gifts although they had a year to plan out what they could give. Curse you mother for not having me a month before! I've learned to deal with it though. All my brothers and sisters born anywhere from December 23 to Christmas can feel my pain. Anyway, enough about my completion of one more year of life.

I've dreaded this upcoming weather as soon as I started noticing I needed to start wearing a coat. You would think being a New York native would make you less prone to the cold weather. Last year I survived off of my lovely boyfriend's sweaters and oversized jackets. This year, I'm doing the same thing (partially). I'm an oversized sweater kinda girl, I stole his super warm and cozy sweater for this look and turned myself into a cookies and creme shake. I should just start blogging about all the clothes I steal from my boyfriend and how I wear it (like I don't already do it).

Wearing boyfriend's vintage sweater, H&M sweater with scarf attached (about two years old and still my favorite), American Apparel Disco Pants in Black, and Nike sneaker wedges. 

Since I get asked a lot about American Apparel sizing, I would recommend getting a size down in the disco pants. They're super stretchy and eventually the true to size fit will stretch out and stop fitting nicely. I used to own a small and I had to buy them again as an xsmall after a few months. Now the xsmall fits perfectly and my mom is sporting my small because she swears she got it like that.

All photos taken by Jaeda Stoute
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