Dec 8, 2014

Spaced Out

Checked out Red Bull Studios this week to see Phong Bui's exhibit. It felt like a wonderland of colors  and textures. Not to mention as many free Red Bulls as your heart desired. I was able to capture a few photos of my time there. I'll have some exclusive ones for Instagram and Tumblr as well.

Wearing Oak crop, denim leotard, uniqlo heat tech leggings (for the cold), Guess jeans (they were supposed to be high waisted, but I bought them a size 31), and Adidas sneakers

All photos taken by Toxic Bunnie

Nov 20, 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M

This is part one of how I styled my Alexander Wang x H&M pieces. The entire sportswear line immediately caught my eye. I love the colors, cuts, and material he used. Everything was made as functional as it was wearable.

I must once again thank Laura Ciriaco for taking these photos of me. I couldn't do it without her. Click here to view more of her photos.

First look: Supra visor, Alexander Wang x H&M bralette, American Apparel skirt, Express jacket, and Nike sneakers

Second look: Alexander Wang x H&M gloves and shirt, thrifted shorts, and Jennifer Chou pumps

Nov 12, 2014

LUSHMEUSE - "Forbidden Fruit"

When I started blogging, I never thought that I'll one day be styling photo shoots. I came together with my good friends and we made magic with Jinna Cabrera. We wheeled our luggage into the city at midnight and didn't make it home until morning. What we created, however, will allow to take the place of sleep in my life.

Styling is strange. Halfway through our shoot I burst out laughing because Jinna was wearing something I would wear. And that was the fun part about it; I get to dress other people like I would dress. I also get to be creative and add ideas based on who is in front of me and what she radiates when she is in front of the camera.

Enjoy some of my favorite images from the shoot. All items worn are items from my closet. Special thanks to Ciera Rogers and Babes and Felines for supplying me with items to style as well. View the rest of the images on Lushmeuse. For styling and business inquiries, contact me at

Photographers: Tiffany Alfonseca and Brad Urena
Model: Jinna Cabrera
Make up: Ada Rojas
With help from my assistant, Kelly Victorio.

Nov 10, 2014

School Girl

A black and white outfit never fails, especially if your inspiration was Wednesday Addams. As much as it screams 'uniform', you can easily wear this out if you switch out the comfort of the sneaker for a pump, and a clean face for a beaten one. The fringe on the dress gives me life and I love the movements while I walk that were sadly not caught on camera.

Wearing Marciano fringe dress and leather, white button down from Uniqlo, and white converse.

Photos taken by Cesar.

Aug 8, 2014

Inner Bronx Babe

Haven't blogged in a while (what's new), so here's a little update on my life right now.... I believe I spoke about moving into my home again. This week I was finally able to buy furniture for not only my room, but the entire house. I literally cried when I came home to a furnished room. I finally felt like I had a home again. I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor for quite some time (unless I was sleeping at bae's house). I also got a new tattoo! I'm extremely in love with it. I always get asked what it is and what it means, and the meaning is extremely personal to me but it is a bar with a line next to it lol. It hurt quite a bit and I'm terrified of the thought of extending it to my neck, which was the original idea. But I'll do it when I'm ready (one day). I'm also EXTREMELY excited to announce that I am interning with Adam Selman. I worked with him to bedazzle Rihanna's ensemble for the CFDA awards and we stayed in contact and now I am working for him! He has AMAZING things in store for the world and I am blessed to learn from him and see his work come to life from such a personal level. Okay so now that I gave a somewhat full update of my life, let's get to what I'm wearing...

I bought this dress for $20 at H&M (couldn't find the link online but it should still be in stores). I haven't shopped there in a while, but they opened up the huge one on 5th ave and its right next to my job so I couldn't resist to peek inside. Of course, I left the store with an item. I love the fit of the dress and the fact that it's a basic color and style. I brought out my inner Bronx babe and paired it with my Olympic 1's I stole from my cousin. I haven't been able to take those sneakers off. I've worn them for the past two weeks straight (just kidding, not really). I also added my Ruby Woo matte lipstick from Mac aka my favorite red lipstick in the entire world. My little clutch wallet is from Barney's.


Wearing H&M dress, Olympic 1 Jordans, Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet clutch.

Jun 25, 2014


I've come to terms with the fact that I may be a shopaholic. I went crazy last week and bought almost everything I ever fell in love with at my job.

This is my favorite black dress now, until I buy a new one. It sheers at a great spot that accentuates my curves. It's also a really nice length. I've been obsessed with skirts and dresses stopping a little bit below the knee. I paired it with nude pumps that I might have to get rid of soon *cries* because I noticed they no longer fit *cries a bit more*. Not to mention I'm back to accessorizing. I've been collecting loads of arm candy and rings. I love the way they look with my nails (insert nail emoji here). 

Wearing Marciano dress (available here), Steve Madden heels (no longer available, options 1/ 2/ 3), and Aldo 2 for 1 accessories (in stores only).

All photos were taken by Laura. View her flickr here, view here photoblog here.

Jun 5, 2014


The most essential dress in a woman's closet is the little black dress. It's the piece in your closet you run to when you don't know what else to wear. It's a safe piece and it never fails. I fell in love with the details of this dress the moment I saw it. The crazy thing is the price I got it at. I bought it in Forever 21 about 2 years ago for only $15. I rarely wear the dress, but when I do I still feel like a killer. I opted out with some black heels from Steve Madden and red lips this time, cause who doesn't love a red lip?

This dress is no longer available, but here are a few cute budget friendly options (1/ 2/ 3/ 4).
All photos were taken by Kadija Zuniga

May 29, 2014

Ride or Die

A little bit about my life right now, I'm finally moving back into the apartment that burned down. Yay! I also noticed how much I've missed school and I'm surprisingly excited to finish this last semester so I can transfer out to a better fitting college. Lastly, I'm dying to travel around the world. I'm meeting people at my job from places I never heard of and I would truly love to explore Mother Earth.

As of lately I've been obsessed with baggy jeans. I've paired them with just about anything, crop tops, tank tops, heels, sneakers, dresses, etc. You'll probably see these jeans around for a while. These are actually from Guess (available here). They're supposed to be high waisted denim, but I got them a size 31 instead of a 25 to make them drop crotch. This time I paired it with a basic black tank (available here), my favorite bomber from Guess, and my customized Roshe Runners.

These photos were taken by my good friend Kadija. I love her style of photography. She has a simplistic style, yet she draws people into her photos. I'll be working with her more so you'll get to see more of her beautiful images. You can also view her amazing photoblog here.

All photos taken by Kadija.
Apr 22, 2014

Tan Lines

Came down to Florida for a week to visit my momma! I just wanted to post up my bathing suit and show off a bit of my body progress. I've been biking everyday and doing sit ups. I've also been extra picky with what I consume lately. I'm just trying to live a healthier lifestyle in general. I'll post up photos of my adventures down here once I'm back in New York. 

Wearing American Apparel swimsuit top and unknown brand bikini bottom.

Photos taken by Julius Cesar

Apr 17, 2014


Everyone has days where they just want to roll out of bed in the morning and throw on the first thing they see. I usually resort to a shirt dress or a long tee during times of distress now that its warm enough to look acceptable on the street. I had to run around and do errands all day before I head out to Florida tomorrow morning. I can't wait to tan out there!

Wearing Yeezus APC tour shirt, Tory Burch sunglasses, and Aldo boots

Photos taken by Alya