Jan 23, 2014

Alya's Closet pt 2

Girls with baggy jeans. Girls wearing baggy jeans down the street. Girls stuntin' better than any man can in baggy jeans. I'm in love with this trend. I love the way something that a man would find unappealing on a woman, makes me feel sexy. Every day that I leave my house dressed up, I try my best to feel sexy. Regardless of what anyone has to say, I feel good with the way I look. And confidence is way sexier than any outfit I can piece together.

This outfit was put together by my baby girl Alya. I added the touch of the heels to make the look a bit more feminine. This is honestly one of my favorite outfits so far. If I could wear baggy jeans and heels everyday I would. And I can, so it looks like I'm going to start looking for some huge jeans. New York winters are pretty brutal, so sometimes it gets hard for us to find something cute that we won't freeze our butts in. All anyone on the streets really sees are our coats and shoes anyway. So winter is not really my favorite time of the year to play dress up. I'm building up my closet so that spring and summer I'm conquering the world everyday I step out of my house. 

Outfit details: Zara tank top, Guess mink, G-Star jeans, and Zara pumps. Thank you Alya!!

Styled by Alya, photos taken by Brad
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