Apr 13, 2014


It's finally spring! It's the season where 60 degrees feels like it's 90. It's the season where people get so excited about the weather, they throw on shorts the first day it's warm. I'm one of those people. It's also the season where the infamous Uggs and shorts combo came to be. But best of all, it's the season where the sweats and waterproof boots are finally retired. NO MORE SNOW! I might just have to move to Florida during the winter so I don't have to deal with the snow anymore. But, for now I'm stuck in the city. 

One of my favorite things about going to Soho is the amount of effort people put in to look fly. That's the place where the concrete floor turns into a runway. The guys throw on their flyest kicks and girls show off their best ensemble. I threw on this outfit to go to eat with my girl Alya in Soho. She just put me on to the Chipotle guacamole and chips. The greatest $3 ever spent.

I'm wearing Marciano shirt dress, Plomo heels, Tori Burch sunnies (also love these), and Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 bag (my next duffle bag purchase).
Alya is wearing Y-3 shirt and sweater,  Isabel Marant sneaker wedges, and Celine sunnies.

Photos taken by Julius Cesar.

1 comment on "Comeback"
  1. really love your look in this post the long white shirt with the neutral color shoes were a great way to go & from reading about what it's like to go to SoHo (i live in LA) i think your choice in apparel was a wise one. I guess the only thing I have similar to SoHo is Melrose but obvi the fashion is still extremely boho & laid back. Love your style though & your collab with your friends was really awesome reminded me of American Apparel.