Apr 16, 2014


All of my friends are golden. Each and every one of my close friends are visionaries. I guess that's what happens when you come from a high school that preps you for the fashion industry. This set is completely different from any before because it was photographed by Laura (flickr // photoblog). She's known for her awesome edits and finding a way to make every photo she takes as mystical and beautiful as her personality. 

I've been finding myself in a mix of feminine meets masculine. My pants have gotten baggier, and my shirts have gotten looser. But, I can't stop wearing heels now. I'm required to work eight hour standing shifts at work in heels. It's taking its toll on my feet because now all I find comfortable are high arched shoes, which in my case means heels. Don't get me wrong though, I always carry a pair of sneakers in my bag at all times in case my feet feel like they're bleeding out. 

Let's give a moment of appreciation to the fact that I'm not wearing a bra. I absolutely hate bras. I try to avoid them as much as possible; even though I have cases like these where my nips are visible. I truthfully rather have a nip imprint than to wear a bra and you'll slowly start to see that throughout the summer.

Wearing Tobi top, H&M cargos folded and pulled all the way up, Guess heels, and Guess sunglasses.

All photos taken by Laura.

1 comment on "THURSDVY x WOOPTY"
  1. Hi Shelly,

    My name is Jasmine Rose-Olesco and I am a beauty writer for Refinery29.com, as well as a freelance writer with upcoming bylines at XoJane.com and Cosmopolitan for Latinas magazine. I admire your work ethic and eye for fashion, most notably displayed in your recent gig assembling the crystals for Rihanna's gown at the CFDA Awards. I'd love to interview to learn more about your work to be featured in an article I am pitching at either Refinery 29 or New York Magazine's "The Cut." Are you interested in being interviewed for this piece? If so, please don't hesitate to contact me via email at roseoles@bc.edu. Thanks!

    All the best,
    Jasmine Rose-Olesco