Aug 8, 2014

Inner Bronx Babe

Haven't blogged in a while (what's new), so here's a little update on my life right now.... I believe I spoke about moving into my home again. This week I was finally able to buy furniture for not only my room, but the entire house. I literally cried when I came home to a furnished room. I finally felt like I had a home again. I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor for quite some time (unless I was sleeping at bae's house). I also got a new tattoo! I'm extremely in love with it. I always get asked what it is and what it means, and the meaning is extremely personal to me but it is a bar with a line next to it lol. It hurt quite a bit and I'm terrified of the thought of extending it to my neck, which was the original idea. But I'll do it when I'm ready (one day). I'm also EXTREMELY excited to announce that I am interning with Adam Selman. I worked with him to bedazzle Rihanna's ensemble for the CFDA awards and we stayed in contact and now I am working for him! He has AMAZING things in store for the world and I am blessed to learn from him and see his work come to life from such a personal level. Okay so now that I gave a somewhat full update of my life, let's get to what I'm wearing...

I bought this dress for $20 at H&M (couldn't find the link online but it should still be in stores). I haven't shopped there in a while, but they opened up the huge one on 5th ave and its right next to my job so I couldn't resist to peek inside. Of course, I left the store with an item. I love the fit of the dress and the fact that it's a basic color and style. I brought out my inner Bronx babe and paired it with my Olympic 1's I stole from my cousin. I haven't been able to take those sneakers off. I've worn them for the past two weeks straight (just kidding, not really). I also added my Ruby Woo matte lipstick from Mac aka my favorite red lipstick in the entire world. My little clutch wallet is from Barney's.


Wearing H&M dress, Olympic 1 Jordans, Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet clutch.

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