Jan 25, 2015


Unfortunately, I have not mastered the art of online mood boarding. I'm an old fashion kind of gal, I like to cut and paste with my hands and have a tangible board for my collections. Although, online mood boarding is (as is everything online) much faster and easier to share. I keep my tumblr around for those reasons. I like to think of it as my online diary. Since I couldn't find a good program for creating my mood board online, I decided to just post a bunch of photos that catch my eye right now.

I have a fascination with what is underneath the attire. I love racey lingerie and anything that adds a boost to the intimate ego. We all have those little things that help us feel sexy, even if it's only for ourselves. I'm also a huge admirer of the woman's body and the display of its sensuality, as you can read from my last post. With that being said, embrace your wild side and enjoy this compilation. 

Jan 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Miss Moss

Very rarely will I feel indebted to people, especially one I don't know. Yet, I feel the need to express what a woman like Kate Moss has done for me without her knowledge. Let's start off with how much of a strong believer I am in woman using their sensuality and sex appeal to their advantage. EVERY SINGLE WOMAN SHOULD PRACTICE USING THEIR SEX APPEAL. Practice it in the intimacy of your room, whether or not there is a person next to you enjoying it. Practice it in the office you intern at when there's an opportunity of your liking. Practice it in your classroom when you couldn't finish your homework and you have to tell your professor you'll have it tomorrow. And please don't misconstrued your sex appeal for being slutty. You can get so much from what you exude when you speak. You don't have to remove a single layer of clothing for that.

Now, how is this related to Kate Moss? I think it's pretty obvious the second you look through her photos. She taught me to use the sensuality I was gifted with and transition it into art. Not only are her photos considered art, but her entire persona. I've heard people shame her for exposing her body, yet all I see is beauty. She succeeded in making all of her nudes tasteful and still market towards high fashion brands. Let's not forget that she's also not super model height. I guess that's everything a girl like me ever wanted to be. So I'm obligated to thank Kate Moss for existing and mentoring without knowing she was actually doing so. Happy birthday Kate! Keep aging gracefully.

Enjoy some of her fabulous recent spreads.

Jan 12, 2015

Manic Episode with Maria Marrone

This is a project I put together with Maria Marrone to dip my foot into a new world. I love the endless possibilities in film, and I'm trying to pursue the art further. Starting something new isn't always easy, but you deal with it as you deal with life. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.