Jan 25, 2015


Unfortunately, I have not mastered the art of online mood boarding. I'm an old fashion kind of gal, I like to cut and paste with my hands and have a tangible board for my collections. Although, online mood boarding is (as is everything online) much faster and easier to share. I keep my tumblr around for those reasons. I like to think of it as my online diary. Since I couldn't find a good program for creating my mood board online, I decided to just post a bunch of photos that catch my eye right now.

I have a fascination with what is underneath the attire. I love racey lingerie and anything that adds a boost to the intimate ego. We all have those little things that help us feel sexy, even if it's only for ourselves. I'm also a huge admirer of the woman's body and the display of its sensuality, as you can read from my last post. With that being said, embrace your wild side and enjoy this compilation. 

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