Feb 23, 2015


"The body's response to fear, panic, or perceived threat." 

There was a moment in time where I thought everything was okay, and for the most part it was. Mommy and daddy were in love. My two little brothers were young and unscarred by the truths of the world. I was madly in love. He was everything I ever lived for those days. And as for me, there was still innocence in the choices I made. 

I try to tell myself things happen for a reason. I try to understand that the nature of this world doesn't allow us to skip suffering. That is why we must embrace the things that are set in our path, only push harder during our times of trial. It's okay to cry, it's okay to want to give up. Things aren't perfect. But what's the point in giving up?

You're going to give up on the rush you will feel walking up on that stage and showing off your diploma. You're going to give up on all the beautiful places you can travel to with the money you make working the job you were working towards. You're going to give up on the chance of love again, a different kind of love. The experience of motherhood? Yeah, that'll be lost too. And not to mention those four people that you grew up with and taught you how to love unconditionally, your family, and your loved ones, they're not going to experience these things with you. They'll only have dreams of what could have been. 

So while you're in a rut now, try to remind yourself that it's all needed in order to become the person you are meant to be. And remember, someone out there loves you and won't mind letting you cry on their shoulder. You are never alone in this world, no one is. Stay strong, you can do this.

Wearing Oak parka, drape top, and pants, American Apparel mesh top, bra, and fishnet socks, and Doc Marten boots.

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