Feb 13, 2015

Papaya King

 It's NYFW and it's beyond brick in NYC. In order to survive the night, one must master the skill of layering. I wouldn't say I'm a master of the trade, but I can share a few of the things I keep in mind. First rule, if you can't move your arms, you need a bigger coat or thinner layers. It's extremely uncomfortable to walk around with penguin arms all day. Second rule, never underestimate the combo of a fuzzy sweater and a windbreaker. You'll be surprised how amazing that combination is as a base layer. Third rule, you really need to buy a super warm sweater and gloves. It's just mandatory. If you can find a dope face mask too, I recommend you get one. Fourth (and I would like to think final rule) if you layer up properly, you don't need a super thick coat unless it's under 15 degrees. I'm calling a disclaimer on that last one because my idea of 15 degrees could be completely different from someone else's and I'm not working with any facts right now.

I hope everyone stays warm and enjoys their fashion week as much as I'm trying to. I will cover my favorite shows and looks throughout the week. All photos taken on an iPhone 6 by Julius Cesar

Wearing Gents cap, vintage DKNY jacket, Urban Outfitters jumpsuit, and Adidas sneakers.

1 comment on "Papaya King"
  1. your sense of style is refreshing 💖 keep it up!