Mar 22, 2015


Addiction is a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.

Do we ever really think about the consequences? All of those times where you couldn't have, but you did anyway. All those times where you thought things would go one way, and they go another. All those times you thought you satisfied yourself and only lead yourself into a deeper hole. Do we even care? Do we just deal with what comes? We are a product of our choices. Every single thing we do not only leads us further in life, but molds us into the people we are.

They found the secret to the universe in the warmth of each other. They were made for one another. They were all they needed in this world of sin. She lost herself in him. All he wanted was to keep her close. He needed her just as much as she needed him. The thing about addictive people is it's never enough. It's a lifestyle. It's the comfort in what they have. It's the desire. It's the uncontrollable need to feel that feeling at all times. So when Jill lost her mind and tried to disappear, Jack sought out to find her day and night. But when he found her, Jill had already forgotten.

Wearing: Y-3 blazer, American Apparel skirt, and Nike Huarache sneakers. 

All photos taken by Brad Urena (Instagram // Photoblog).

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