Oct 20, 2016

Golden Hour

The city of New York is the greatest city in the world. But I haven't traveled the rest of the world yet. I know it's the most miraculous because it's my city. I could've been born anywhere else, yet I opened my eyes and I was already immersed in the culture of it all. Lost in all of the noise that is New York. Trains on the tracks, cars stuck in traffic, kids playing on the block with the 'pompa', birds chirping in the distance, moms screaming out the window to chill out before she makes you come back upstairs.

One of my favorite memories happened in the building I pretty much grew up in. I had friends my age that lived in a couple of different floors. We were all around 11 years old. It was a golden time... old enough to understand, and too young to think about the consequences. My friends and I all gathered together on a weekend we were off and chose the 4th floor of my building to have a full on water fight party in the hallway. Everyone had water guns, buckets of water, water balloons, shit, we even had soap. Some of us fell down the slippery stairs busting our asses. We didn't even care. I still remember the way the light shined into the hallway from the stairway windows. The yellow walls turned gold, the smiles on our faces looked so much brighter, the water reflecting off our tired feet. We got into so much trouble that day. Each one of us had to bring out our mops and listen to our mothers curse us out in unison while we worked on leaving the hallway wayyy cleaner than it ever had been. That was a golden hour.

Here I am 10 years later. Same girl, same city, new adventures. 

Photos taken by Daniel Riley in the Bronx.
Wearing vintage top, Uniqlo bottoms, and Raf Simons sneakers.

Oct 18, 2016

It's a Little Chilly

It's always the same, just a little different. We fight and we fuss, but we'll eventually stop bitching. I'll make a mistake, you'll catch me slipping. I'll say I love you more, you'll say I'm really tripping. 
You would think things change, but it's really just distance. When we reunite, the love bugs kiss us. And all of the time I thought I was sad, I really just missed him...

...But change is a luxury few can afford. So when I walk I take longer strides, I keep my chin up, back straight, and eyes on the prize. Destination based, motivation crazed. We've been changed, I'm just kicking off my shoes and enjoying this new view of the same world I've been ignoring for so long. Because my eyes were fixated so hard on you. 

The seasons change, it's a little chilly out. Grab my turtleneck and heels, then I step out.
Y-3 jumpsuit, Uniqlo heat tech turtleneck, Jeffrey Campbell boots.

Photos taken by Daniel Riley in the Bronx. 
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Oct 4, 2016


I've been running around trying to figure it out. Racing myself to beat my best time. Showing off my stripes. Wearing Y-3 striped jumpsuit and super zips.

Photos taken by Daniel Riley in the Bronx.