Dec 31, 2016

Miss December 2016

I would visit my grandma's house every other day while I was growing up. Besides getting fed arroz, habichuela, y carne every single day (to the point of not wanting to eat it anymore), I watched tv with my grandma and cousins/brothers during the night in a little semi circle. It ranged anywhere from Sabado Gigante to Caso Cerrado to some late night zodiac dating show. My absolute favorite thing to watch was Nuestra Belleza Latina. That came from the same love I had for watching America's Next Top Model and pretty much any fashion based show ever. My grandma would always tease and tell my cousins and I how we were supposed to be the girls up there instead because we were all so beautiful. I never let go of the desire to be one of them, I just made up different ways of displaying my beauty where I didn't have to compete with anyone else. That's when modeling came into my life. I did a few agencies, hated them. Did modeling classes, loved and hated things about that. Then gave up on the dream for a while until high school. High school was the beginning of endless possibilities. It was where I learned that everything in the world has an origin, and to contribute to the world I must create. Every thing could be done. And if you want things done right you have to do them yourself. Three awesome lessons I will continue to live by. I met my friends in high school and seeing our growth from then until now still stuns me. I remember first experimenting with them as a model while they found new tricks with their cameras. It went from putting fingers over the flash for a cool/weird effect on digital, to handling a bunch of camera equipment at once and having a strong focus on film. Finding out that Laura and Cherry were creating a calendar was a proud friend moment, and being blessed with the opportunity to be a part of it was even more precious. All my Nuestra Belleza dreams were coming true and all in the hands of people who went ahead and figured shit out on their own. I'm proudly a part of the Moremulher 2016 Datebook as Miss December, and looking forward to their 2017 edition. 

                                                   All photos taken by Cherry on film.
            View Laura and Cherry's interview with Vice's Creators Project writer Edenized Perez here.

Dec 29, 2016


I should receive an award for least likely to text back but always on my phone. I could also win an award for most likely to have chapped lips. I have a bad habit of sleeping through all eighteen of my alarms. I crave soda all of the time... Coke especially. I don't wash off my makeup before bed most of the time. I leave laundry everywhere until I have nothing left to wear. I'll put my vices over my responsibilities sometimes. I work my ass off and I'm still broke. I'm watching all my friends slowly make their ways out of college, while I just work and have faith in myself enough to understand that it's not my journey right now. I'm 22 and I don't have all of my shit together yet.

It's almost New Years and along with things I want to do for my career, the more important things are about self improvement; my self as a human being and not just a member of the system. This is an oath to organize my inner self before projecting myself onto anyone else. I will text back to anything that deserves a text, and refrain from always being on my phone by living in the present instead. I will apply adequate Blistex to prevent chappy lips. I will sleep earlier so I don't have to feel so disturbed by all those alarms in the morning. I will stop drinking soda, point blank. I will wash my makeup off every night before bed no matter how drunk I am (I say that now). I will do laundry once every two weeks at least. I will tend to my vices after I tend to my responsibilities. I will save and invest wisely. I will nourish my mind regardless of my choices and I will stop comparing my journey to others'. I understand these things may take time but from here on out I will make sure to always work toward improving them. 2017, I'm ready for you! Let's make this a year to be proud of.

Photos taken by Cherry (Blog//Instagram) wearing reworked Trinity Denim.


Dec 15, 2016

From Trinity to Mosholu

Do you ever wonder what kind of person you would've been if you hadn't made that decision? What would've happened if you decided to stay in school? What if you moved to another state? What if you stayed?? Always in a state of wonder, never in a state of the present. I broke my cycle of being a dreamer and decided to become a woman of action instead. It took me a trip back to my roots to see what I couldn't before. I walked around my old hood and realized how different I would've been if I had stayed around. Besides the constant feeling of nostalgia, I felt thankful for all of the change. Not that there was ever anything bad about my roots, on the contrary, the hood built my base. I just felt like changing environments pushed me to reach for more. All I did was move a couple of miles away and I saw things a little greener every morning. And it was that thought that made me realize that that's all there is to life. I stopped thinking about the what ifs and started to move according to what looked and felt better for me. I'm in a different state of mind. Everything is going to be fine as wine as long as you move forward with time.

Nothing better than some Trinity reworked denim pieces to stunt in before the real winter hits. All photos taken on film by Cherry.