Dec 29, 2016


I should receive an award for least likely to text back but always on my phone. I could also win an award for most likely to have chapped lips. I have a bad habit of sleeping through all eighteen of my alarms. I crave soda all of the time... Coke especially. I don't wash off my makeup before bed most of the time. I leave laundry everywhere until I have nothing left to wear. I'll put my vices over my responsibilities sometimes. I work my ass off and I'm still broke. I'm watching all my friends slowly make their ways out of college, while I just work and have faith in myself enough to understand that it's not my journey right now. I'm 22 and I don't have all of my shit together yet.

It's almost New Years and along with things I want to do for my career, the more important things are about self improvement; my self as a human being and not just a member of the system. This is an oath to organize my inner self before projecting myself onto anyone else. I will text back to anything that deserves a text, and refrain from always being on my phone by living in the present instead. I will apply adequate Blistex to prevent chappy lips. I will sleep earlier so I don't have to feel so disturbed by all those alarms in the morning. I will stop drinking soda, point blank. I will wash my makeup off every night before bed no matter how drunk I am (I say that now). I will do laundry once every two weeks at least. I will tend to my vices after I tend to my responsibilities. I will save and invest wisely. I will nourish my mind regardless of my choices and I will stop comparing my journey to others'. I understand these things may take time but from here on out I will make sure to always work toward improving them. 2017, I'm ready for you! Let's make this a year to be proud of.

Photos taken by Cherry (Blog//Instagram) wearing reworked Trinity Denim.


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