Dec 15, 2016

From Trinity to Mosholu

Do you ever wonder what kind of person you would've been if you hadn't made that decision? What would've happened if you decided to stay in school? What if you moved to another state? What if you stayed?? Always in a state of wonder, never in a state of the present. I broke my cycle of being a dreamer and decided to become a woman of action instead. It took me a trip back to my roots to see what I couldn't before. I walked around my old hood and realized how different I would've been if I had stayed around. Besides the constant feeling of nostalgia, I felt thankful for all of the change. Not that there was ever anything bad about my roots, on the contrary, the hood built my base. I just felt like changing environments pushed me to reach for more. All I did was move a couple of miles away and I saw things a little greener every morning. And it was that thought that made me realize that that's all there is to life. I stopped thinking about the what ifs and started to move according to what looked and felt better for me. I'm in a different state of mind. Everything is going to be fine as wine as long as you move forward with time.

Nothing better than some Trinity reworked denim pieces to stunt in before the real winter hits. All photos taken on film by Cherry.

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