Dec 31, 2016

Miss December 2016

I would visit my grandma's house every other day while I was growing up. Besides getting fed arroz, habichuela, y carne every single day (to the point of not wanting to eat it anymore), I watched tv with my grandma and cousins/brothers during the night in a little semi circle. It ranged anywhere from Sabado Gigante to Caso Cerrado to some late night zodiac dating show. My absolute favorite thing to watch was Nuestra Belleza Latina. That came from the same love I had for watching America's Next Top Model and pretty much any fashion based show ever. My grandma would always tease and tell my cousins and I how we were supposed to be the girls up there instead because we were all so beautiful. I never let go of the desire to be one of them, I just made up different ways of displaying my beauty where I didn't have to compete with anyone else. That's when modeling came into my life. I did a few agencies, hated them. Did modeling classes, loved and hated things about that. Then gave up on the dream for a while until high school. High school was the beginning of endless possibilities. It was where I learned that everything in the world has an origin, and to contribute to the world I must create. Every thing could be done. And if you want things done right you have to do them yourself. Three awesome lessons I will continue to live by. I met my friends in high school and seeing our growth from then until now still stuns me. I remember first experimenting with them as a model while they found new tricks with their cameras. It went from putting fingers over the flash for a cool/weird effect on digital, to handling a bunch of camera equipment at once and having a strong focus on film. Finding out that Laura and Cherry were creating a calendar was a proud friend moment, and being blessed with the opportunity to be a part of it was even more precious. All my Nuestra Belleza dreams were coming true and all in the hands of people who went ahead and figured shit out on their own. I'm proudly a part of the Moremulher 2016 Datebook as Miss December, and looking forward to their 2017 edition. 

                                                   All photos taken by Cherry on film.
            View Laura and Cherry's interview with Vice's Creators Project writer Edenized Perez here.

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