Jan 12, 2017

A Siren's Tale

I just want to pick at your head for a little while. Analyze your movements and gestures. Memorize the way you blink your eyes for certain feelings. Listen to the bass tone of your voice while you talk about all of the things that fascinate you. Get caught in a taste of your essence. It's not because I'm in love. It's because I'm interested in reading you. I spend hours figuring you out so it's easier to read everyone else. The most complex thing about humans is their emotions, and how they react to them is what determines their character. I don't like to waste my time on unworthy character flaws. I already have my own to deal with. I determine if I lure you and keep you in my trance.

Wearing a Marciano jumpsuit, La Perla bra set, La Perla heels, and vintage accessories.

Hair and makeup by Chemistry.
All photos taken on film by Cherry on my 22nd birthday.

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