Jan 5, 2017

Brand New Bitch

I'll start off with setting the mood... Alicia Key's 'Feeling U, Feeling Me (Interlude) is playing on loop. It's a little chilly but there's a warm feeling coming from the pit of my stomach, similar to the one of taking a shot of whiskey after a long day of work. It's a good burn. Because that burn is going to satisfy all of my needs in due time. There's a room full of people in a dim room. I'm sitting in a corner, not looking to bother or get bothered. I just want to finish my glass and dance by myself to the smooth jazz of Alicia's voice. There's a gaze on me and although I want to ignore it, it's too strong to not give it attention. So I turn to look and my eyes lock on an intense pair of brown eyes. Caught in a trance I can't get out of. I have to step outside. I'm craving a cigarette, something I don't even like, just to relax a little. Rapid attachment and emotion gives me anxiety. I draw in deep breathes of cold New York air, fluff my hair, and go back inside. I look for the gaze and it's gone. Back to my regularly scheduled program... I sit down and finish my glass... It feels amazing to be alone. This is a feeling associated with womanhood. I'm becoming a brand new bitch.

Photos taken by Cherry on film on my 22nd birthday. Hair and makeup by Chemistry. Wearing a Y-3 dress and vintage accessories. 

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