Jan 26, 2017

Para American Apparel

You were already waiting for me when I first opened my eyes. Your hands were bigger than mine yet way smaller than the ones that carried me. Your eyes and lips were big for your face and your hair was past your shoulders. You promised me you would be my friend forever. I lived on floor 5, you lived on floor 3. You had older brothers, I had my mom and dad. My mom told me we were gifts to each other since neither of us had sisters. We would take turns playing with your life sized Barbie and I wouldn't ever want to leave your super tiny, girly room. I wanted to be you so bad, but never because I didn't want to be me, I just loved you so much I wanted to embody who you were. When I moved away we had to adjust, but I still got to spend weekends with you at Mama's. We weren't alone anymore either. Our family kept growing and we had so many little people to play with and love, but we were always the pair that stuck. We grew out of childhood and started to deal with boy crushes and body development. I was always prepared because you always went through things first and wouldn't hide anything from me. We grew different entities when high school came around; different schools, different friends. But our bond was so strong we managed to glue it all together eventually. There were times where we cried and neither of us was ever too far to wipe a tear away. Now we're women and instead of playing house we actually holding down the house. And the older I get the more I realize that you aren't my cousin, or even my sister, you're my soulmate. I wouldn't have grown into myself without you. I mean, we are Kelly and Shelly. 

All photos taken by Laura Ciriaco for American Apparel. Wearing American Apparel bodysuits, tie-top, and python mini. Featuring Kelly Victorio.

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