Jan 19, 2017


I live by the term "short and sweet." A magazine whose lifeline only dated 10 years in it's prime, but is still influencing a generation after it's demise... It's the beauty of content. Nova was a magazine for the readers who were tired of Vogue and needed something bold and different to look at. They were unafraid of nudity, of speaking on woman's rights, of making the world see that there was a norm that they were sweeping under the rug and they were ready to expose it. Visually speaking, Nova worked with a small team of present day legends, including the work of Molly Parkin, Caroline Baker, Susan Sontag, Harri Peccinotti, Helmut Newton, and David Hillman to name a few. Caroline Baker is a favorite of mine being that she (at the time of Nova) was a young stylist who didn't care for labels. Yet, her work was still seen influencing the runway after her low budget outfits made an appearance in Nova publications. There was a desire to rebel and create 'cool' rather than conform to the 'normal' appeal. The vision of her work was more important than the boujeeness of what the models were wearing, something I try to keep in mind with my work as well.  
"Through my pages at Nova I was having a wonderful time, being a bit of a feminist and a rebel, saying, 'I don't want to wear heels and lipstick!' We don't want to be objects for men, but we do want to wear men's clothing and we want to have men's jobs." -Caroline Baker for 10Magazine.
Nova Magazine (1965-1975), Resurrected in 1999 for 6 issues.
Thank you to those who worked on Nova's issues. You are part of The Influence.
Photos credited to the contributors of Nova Magazine.

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