Feb 23, 2017

Elements Magazine

To conclude today's Throwback Thursdvy styling session, here's my styling work for Ellements Magazine's Black and White issue, February 2016. This set was my first time getting published, and I'm super grateful to the team that helped put this all together. There's certain things in life that come unexpectedly, and this was definitely one of those moments. This whole set was full of budget friendly items of clothing, a reminder that it doesn't have to be designer to make a statement.

The team consists of Hugh Morris for photography, Friday Lynton as creative director, Ashley "Sassy" Bermudez as our model, Geneva Jeanniton as lead hair artist, Ashely Sophia as lead makeup artist, Sarah Nguyen as lead nail artist, and Shelly Isabel as lead stylist.

De Oro

Continuing in the spirit of Throwback Thursdvy and posting up a few more styling sets. De Oro dates back to April 2015. This was my second time styling a model, and I still remember the feeling of nerves I had as I tried to make my vision come to life. I'll always be thankful for my team for keeping me at ease. Not to mention this was the day that solidified my friendship and partnership with Friday. 

Photos taken by Brad Urena and Tiffany Alfonseca of Lushmeuse. Modeled by Milagro Pineiro. Styled by Shelly Isabel; model wears: (first look) Friday by Friday chain gear and H&M skirt, (second look) Oak NYC dress, (third look) Marciano scarf, Friday by Friday chain gear, and Guess jumpsuit. A special thank you to Friday; you already know you're the best baby girl.


I've been busy cooking up some new styling work. In the meantime here's a throwback while collaborating with Dreu of Suaré during the winter last year. 

All photos taken by Dreu. Modeled by Jorlenni. Styled by Shelly Isabel; model wears Suaré hoodie, Y-3 fur cape and sweats, Lemaire x Uniqlo trench, and Yeezy 350 Moonrocks.

Feb 16, 2017

Fashion Week

I have a love/hate relationship with fashion week. Given it's an eventful time for New York City, it's also stressful for everyone involved in it. The streets are crowded with people who care too much about what they're wearing, and more-than-usual beautiful faces. You're afraid to step out of your house looking anything less than polished, but your overly packed schedule leaves you rushing outside. The weather isn't amazing, but you have to leave your jacket open to show off your fit. There's a give and take, but as is everything in life. Although I was unable to attend any shows this time around, I kept up with Vogue Runway (thank you guys!). I found myself very fond of the use of minimal makeup and monochromatic looks. Here's a collection of some of my favorite looks from a variation of runways. 

Runway shows from top to bottom: Y-3, Moncler GrenobleThom Browne, Marc Jacobs, YeezyOscar De La RentaAdam Selman, and Monse.

All photos collected from Vogue Runway.

Feb 9, 2017

Red Scale

I'm a walking contradiction. I love affection, but I hate when I'm sought out for it. I crave attention, but I reflect on it in embarrassment. I feel my body temperature at 116 degrees when I'm being loved, and I feel it at 55 when I'm overwhelmed in it. Success and money make me happy, but I crave the desire for simpler things. I want to expand my mind, but I'm sick of the knowledge.

I'm a heat wave you crave in the middle of winter. A river you beg for in the center of a desert. The sight of a rainbow when the rain finally clears. I am the energy of an eclipse. You bask in me for the moment and feel stripped the second I go away. You can feel my essence illuminate parts of yourself you forgot existed. And yet, you don't need me.

Photos taken on film by Cherry.

Feb 3, 2017

Flash Back Friday (by Friday)

It's only on occasion that I'll break the Thursdvy on Thursdays rule, but it only makes sense to give  you guys a peak of Friday by Friday's Season 5 Showcase on a Friday. I worked along side Friday Lynton and some very wonderful hair stylists, makeup artists, poets, and bloggers to bring together this showcase. I put together the denim x chain looks for the showcase, styling 15 woman (including myself). Although the work load was intense, nothing feels more accomplishing than seeing the finished product. All denim in the showcase was of my own closet, some customized by me. I'm still more than grateful to have experienced the show from behind the scenes and as a model in the showcase.

Chain garments are available here and all hand made by Friday Lynton. All photos by Retina Stewart. Makeup by Ashley Sophia and Ken. Hair by Geneva. Models styled by Shelly Isabel, with the help of my best friend Deisha.

Feb 2, 2017

Fly up to Blue Skies

A playlist for when you need a little lift. For the moments when you can almost taste it. For the days you feel the groove. For the influence of smooth moves. For the times when Earth seems too big or too small. It's for the sensation of beyond. It's a helping hand toward ascension.