Feb 9, 2017

Red Scale

I'm a walking contradiction. I love affection, but I hate when I'm sought out for it. I crave attention, but I reflect on it in embarrassment. I feel my body temperature at 116 degrees when I'm being loved, and I feel it at 55 when I'm overwhelmed in it. Success and money make me happy, but I crave the desire for simpler things. I want to expand my mind, but I'm sick of the knowledge.

I'm a heat wave you crave in the middle of winter. A river you beg for in the center of a desert. The sight of a rainbow when the rain finally clears. I am the energy of an eclipse. You bask in me for the moment and feel stripped the second I go away. You can feel my essence illuminate parts of yourself you forgot existed. And yet, you don't need me.

Photos taken on film by Cherry.

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