Mar 2, 2017


In December of 1962, the MoMA introduced the genre of "Pop Art" to the art world. Pop art derived from an art form known as Dadaism, an art form that was meant to be anti-art. Dadaism expressed political views worldwide, with the challenge of being at odds with the accepted definition of popular art. Pop art used to origins of Dadaism, and found ways to interpret popular art into political statements. Not to be mistaken for Neo-Dada art however, that was basically Dadaism with the addition of audio, visual, and literal manifestations. Pop art was known to be very bold and aggressive, having many connections with advertising and marketing. Pop art merges popular and mass culture with fine art while injecting humor, irony, and recognizable imagery/content into the mix. New York was one of the cities associated with the birth of pop art. It only makes sense that we continue to use it as an influence, as were these photos for Artsy Magazine's Pop Art Issue. Only the top photo made the issue, however these were some outtakes still taking into account the way women were portrayed in pop art. We used Roy Lichtenstein as a primary source of reference, and we hope you enjoy the set as much as we enjoyed the process of them!

All photos taken and edited by Laura Ciriaco (Photo blog // Personal Blog // Instagram). Wearing vintage top, Champion shorts, and Converse sneakers. 

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