Apr 6, 2017

Revisiting SS1992: Prada, CDG, & Mugler

Since I revisited the 90's with my last post, it's been hard to move away from it. So I'm giving it another round this week with SS1992: Prada, Comme Des Garçons, and Mugler. Vogue runway touched my heart adding on Comme Des Garçons archives from the 90's, making it harder for me to stray away from their site. Although I wouldn't call my hours of runway research to be a waste. This week I want to highlight a few of my favorite things from these 1992 runways. 

Prada: Although the monochromatic look has had it's moment for some time now, it's still fun to remember that a head to toe color or print is never a bad idea. I'm pushing myself to wear handkerchief (my word of the day) tops and mini skirts. // I'm a huge fan of jumpsuits. It's a huge relief when you're rushing out in the morning to pull out a one piece and instantly have a look to serve. I'm with the wide leg movement, pairing it with a colorful set of earrings, and some cozy mule heels, and issa look. Also, call me a bit old school, but this last Prada dress is one of my favorite silhouettes. Growing up with broad shoulders helped me appreciate pieces that accentuate them. To finish off a bold shoulder with a feminine mini makes this piece one to hunt for this spring. Also (GLOVES)!!

Comme Des Garçons: Yellow, color blocking, mixed prints, and printed (GLOVES!!). It's all self explanatory. Yellow is a hard color to pair so these looks may be a hot mess to some, but it speaks to me none the less. Spring is the best time to forget about the usual and wear the colors you've always been afraid of pulling out of your closet, or picking up in store. So I'm all for the wacky movement. Never be afraid of being too colorful, and if you don't get it right the first time, keep going at it until you figure out the perfect combo for you. 
Next up, the cropped trench. I feel like I don't have to say much more other than that. It's a cropped trench. Why wouldn't you want to wear one?! // I always find myself saving one Christy picture from any show she's walking in. She's definitely without a doubt one of my favorite models of all time. Besides being herself, I love her look. I opt out for cozy looks all the time and pairing baggy trousers with a loose fitted top, an oversized blazer, and a pair of sneakers (always my preference) or heels is always a clean look. You can even add suspenders for a real cozy TBT look. 
I wanted to highlight these CDG zip gloves. They are amazing. I want a pair. I feel like they're reversible and if they are I'm going to cry. I must make some gloves like these for myself. I'll leave it off there.
Mugler: I used to wear a lot of high/low tops while I was in high school. I was a step away from wearing a dress with pants. I now see that maybe I was on to something, I just needed to refine it a bit more. Thank you Mugler for allowing me to figure out the missing piece to my life's puzzle with this one. Also again with the gloves and the old school blazer cut. It was truly a time for sophisticated fashion. 
Highlight: Cow print sunnies! (Deisha, this one's a look for you) // Another monochromatic look. 
Must have for this summer: Matching Bae-kinis!! It's a bit excessive, but it's like marking your territory without having to say anything to anyone.
Last but not least, let's continue to be unafraid of freeing the nipple regardless of Instagram's deleting ways. I want them to get to a point where they're sick and tired of hearing us rant about nipples that they openly accept it as a human body part and no longer feel the need to delete anyone's photos anymore!!! So, wear some beaded bras and some chain gear from Friday by Friday and don't forget to post it up.

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