May 2, 2017

Met Gala 2017: Rei Kawakubo

Cara Delevingne - CDG FW1997/ SS2002
One of the best translated looks of the night. 100% properly executed. 5 out of 5.

I'm a bit outraged at the attendees of this years Met Gala. The theme this year was an ode to the great Rei Kawakubo, known as the designer of Comme des Garçons. We're talking about a woman who has dedicated her life to design, starting her company in 1973, and putting on runway shows since the early 80's!! That's basically 4 decades worth of material to not only research, but to use as inspiration. Vogue runway put out years worth of archives in April, and it seems no one cared to look through them. Very few attendees understood or cared to show respect and put on a well deserved showcase of looks. Not to mention when Kawakubo stepped onto the red carpet herself, those who were around were on their phones and barely noticed her stride by. I wasn't attending the Gala myself, so take my words lightly if you were there to witness. I'm commenting strictly from photo and video clip observations. However, I cannot suppress my feelings to the matter. Regardless of that note, I did take notice of those who attempted to comply to the theme and created a side by sides of looks vs inspo.

Runway photos courtesy of Vogue Runway, attendee photos accredited to their rightful owners.
Zoe Kravitz - CDG SS2012/ FW2016
Inspired by Kawakubo's abstract (I see flowers) ruffled cape, while playing off 2016 color ways. She gets it.
Gigi Hadid - SS 1998
Playing with Kawakubo's take on asymmetrical garments and nude palettes. Another top look of the night.
Priyanka Chopra - FW2000/ SS1992
Priyanka keeps it classic with an exaggerated take on the trench coat. A Met Gala favorite, but contrary to popular opinion it's not on my list. 
Lily Aldridge - CDG SS1991
Inspired by Kawakubo's use of head pieces.
Zendaya - CDG SS1992
Looking as if she stepped right out of a painting, Zendaya's look brings me back to Kawakubo's SS1992 color palette.
Madonna - CDG SS2001
Madonna's a bit of a hot mess, but she's working well with some of Kawakubo's funkier runway days.

Elizabeth Banks - CDG SS2001
Coming off the same runway season as Madonna is Elizabeth Banks in a hypnotizing patterned dress.
Kim Kardashian - CDG SS1994
Not as WOW as expected, but Kim did comply with the theme as Kawakobo's favorite look is a simple white gown. Would've loved to see a headpiece.
Claire Danes - CDG SS1995
Following a silhouette Kawakubo played with for some time, Claire Danes goes for a ruffle high low top and a cuffed pant. 
Lena Dunham - CDG SS1993
Self explanatory reference. Bringing back Kawakubo's patterned gowns of the 90's.
Helen Lasichanh - CDG FW2017
Ahead of the season and on theme.
Rihanna - CDG FW2016
'Phresh out the Runway' plays as Rihanna hits the red carpet and slays yet another Met Gala.

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